Our research strategy

Our approach

Build our understanding of cancer

We need to deepen our understanding of the interplay of genes, proteins and the role of the immune system in cancer development and growth. This underpins almost everything we do, from the discovery and development of new therapeutics and diagnostics, to the design of new treatment and prevention strategies.

Facilitate a major shift in early diagnosis research

Historically, investment in the area of early diagnosis has been relatively small, both in the UK and internationally. There is only very limited activity from industry due to the high level of investment risk involved and the limited commercial potential.

Tackle cancers with substantial unmet need

Thanks to research, cancer survival is at an all-time high. But not all forms of the disease have seen progress. With survival rates that haven’t changed significantly for decades, cancers of the brain, lung, oesophagus and pancreas are notoriously difficult to treat and remain diseases of substantial unmet need.

Accelerate the translation of research

Our investment in research will only achieve our objectives if it can be translated into interventions that benefit patients. We support many critical areas of translational research, including drug discovery and development, radiotherapy research, surgery research, imaging and biomarker discovery, development and validation.

Develop the cancer research leaders of tomorrow

In order to support cancer research in the long term, we need to continue to build a strong community of highly trained, innovative, world-class cancer researchers.

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